Retro Geometrics

I totally love this way of layering glass, to make a funky, retro look - some people say 60's other's think it is more deco.  

The only trouble is, it's seriously time consuming!  It's a bit like doing a puzzle, you decide on 4 or 5 colours which you pile on top of each other, leaving different sized gaps around them.  There are usually 4 or 5, sometimes 6 layers different colours, which you want to try to work with each other, and to make a harmonious whole - it can get a bit precarious!

Making the colour ways work with each other, which can change as the piece grows, is both the fun and annoying bit. Sometimes meaning all sorts of fiddling about for hours on end.

Then of course you stand up to get a drink and knock the whole sodding thing over!  I've started gluing a bit earlier now, but that is so restrictive, just best to be careful and not sneeze!  Blog post to come on this technique.

Being made of opaque glass they look great on a white or any other background.

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